Thank You For Your Interest In Becoming A Referral Partner And Helping Someone Else Scale Their Marketing So They Can Get Their Message Out To More People!

Here's How It Works

Make an email intro between your referral & us. (Hello@ConsciousCopy.Co).

From there, we'll talk with your connection to see if it's a good fit (don’t worry, we don’t use any high-pressured selling… not our style).

If it’s a fit, we will get them signed up & rockin’.

At the beginning of each new month we will PayPal you over your Referral Commission for all referrals made in the previous month.

Go treat yo'self!

Below is a suggested email to send:

Hi [NAME],

I’m attending the Conscious Copy Stories That Sell Workshop in November and thought you could benefit from it too. I know you help clients get powerful results.

At the workshop we're going to reverse engineer our own signature stories that sell. You will have your key stories in your hip pocket to use in your emails, sales pages, webinars, stages presentations, etc.

You can learn more about the Stories That Sell Workshop here:

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