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Make an email intro between your referral & us. (Hello@ConsciousCopy.Co).

From there, we'll talk with your connection to see if it's a good fit (don’t worry, we don’t use any high-pressured selling… not our style).

If it’s a fit, we will get them signed up & rockin’.

At the beginning of each new month we will PayPal you over your Referral Commission for all referrals made in the previous month.

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Below is a suggested email to send:

Hi [NAME],

Let me introduce you to Jennifer and Conscious Copy :-)

Since you’re looking to work with a great team to create profitable marketing and copy that truly reflects your message, I wanted to make the connection!

She’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with their marketing, copy, and getting their products/services out into the world, and Conscious Copy is the go-to copywriting agency/training company in the industry.

You’re in good hands with her and the team!

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